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The Clinic

“Super friendly staff who always makes sure you’re well taken care of. Always leave feeling better since I first started coming here back in 2013”

Vince AD

“After suffering a broken ankle from a work injury, I did my post-surgery physio here. It’s an extremely friendly place with great staff who made it a pleasure to go to. The front desk staff are awesome, always making it an entertaining and enjoyable visit and the physios I worked with were friendly, knowledgeable and help get me fixed up. It was always a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and while I wouldn’t recommend breaking an ankle to get there (ha…), I’d certainly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a great physio that will help you get back to work.”

-Eric H

“Staff is very friendly and professional. The location is easy to get to and there is plenty of parking in the area. I have been here for two separate problems and will definitely be coming back if I need Physio again!”

-Andrew C

“I came in for Physiotherapy after a car accident.  This was my first time doing physiotherapy and I am glad to have been referred to this clinic.  The staff makes you feel welcomed once you step through the door and I always felt comfortable during each visit.  The physiotherapist was extremely knowledgeable, sincere and genuinely cared about my treatment and results during each visit.  Every treatment was thoroughly explained and the at-home exercises are demonstrated to ensure you are able to replicate once you leave the office. There is plenty of parking on the surrounding streets, I’ve never had a problem finding a spot.  I LOVE that they are open till late on weeknights and during the day on Saturdays.  I find it especially convenient to be able to book my appointments through their online booking system!   I’d highly recommend this place to everyone no matter where they live in the lower mainland!”

Colleen C

Florence Yip

After herniating 2 discs in my lower back and experiencing a number of other over-training related issues with my neck and shoulders, physiotherapy was recommended to me by my doctor. After my back injury I was confined to my apartment for almost 3 months and couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes at a time. Thanks to Florence, a year later, I won a national championship in Masters swimming and I have a lifetime’s worth of training advice and preventative exercise, so that I don’t end up injured again.”

James, Police Officer

“During my journey of progress and setbacks as I rehabilitated from my personal injury, Florence genuinely listened and guided me towards a health centered lifestyle which has healed my body and mind. Today, I am happier and more satisfied with life because the injured person’s dream and hope of being under the care of an exceptionally intelligent, authentically caring, patient centered physiotherapist was my blessed reality.”

Karen G., BA, LLB, LLM, Barrister & Solicitor

“Florence, Just want let you know you are a miracle worker, and I am deeply thankful. Finished the Marathon in Reykjavik in 4:30ish. Knee gave me NO problems what so ever. Wasnt the time I was hoping for, but as I was only able to put in 15km since my mishap, I feel very good about the time. Again, thank you for your professionalism and care. Hope to see you soon, on other terms.”

Greg M., Marathon Runner

“With Florence, you get more than a knowledgeable physiotherapist who listens well and genuinely cares about your health and healing: You get patient-tailored conversation. Ours were about hair metal, cats, and a healthy dose of jock talk. If that isn’t mind, body, and soul treatment, I don’t know what is.”

Robert W. (happy, healed, and heavy metal fan)

“I have chronic neck pain (Degenerative Disc Disease) and Florence has treated my condition for the past 4 years. Her therapeutic attendance is demonstrated not only in her vast knowledge of physiotherapy and acupuncture, but also in her personable demeanor.

After an appointment with Florence I always leave feeling less pain and less stress. I’m also equipped with more knowledge in terms of the various exercises she has taught me in order to maintain my progress at home. Florence is dedicated to seeing her clients’ quality of life improve. She is an attentive, caring and highly skilled professional; all crucial components to healing and pain management.”

Tami T.

“Back in November 2008 I had reconstructive surgery on my knee. I was advised by my surgeon to find myself a Physiotherapist. I called a physio clinic close to my work and was booked to see Florence Yip, one of their physiotherapists. That was December 2008. Over the following 6 months, Florence set me through my paces. During this time Florence gained my trust by demonstrating her expertise and knowledge of her vocation. On top of her obvious professionalism, Florence has an outstanding bedside manner. She’s sharp, witty, really just a joy to be around. I highly recommend Florence as a Physiotherapist, I really can’t imagine a better one in the city. She’s so good it almost makes me happy to be injured.”

David M., Business Manager

Lindsay Trimble

“Get on down to the clinic and ask for Lindsay. Anyone will tell you that I love sports and that I especially like taking long walks on the beach. Don’t laugh, after I torn my ACL, I was unable to make it a block without some serious discomfort and pain. I had gone to two other PT clinics in Vancouver. The experience was “factory” like.

Out of the gate, Lindsay listened to my concerns, explained the journey to recovery and made my experience “personal”. I felt for the first time that someone understood what I was going through. I have recommended Lindsay to my friends, and they agree, that they notice a difference in the service from the other clinics. And my knee, it’s working like new. I now commute by bike 30km daily. Thanks Lindsay!”

-Vincent O., Systems Analyst

“I suffered a concussion along with damage to my neck and back in a work-related accident. Lindsay was instrumental in returning me to my pre-injury state. The work she did, along with the exercises she prescribed allowed me to walk away from the injury in better condition than I have been in years. The combination of bed-side manner, positive enforcement, and a genuine desire to help have made her the physio I will see for any future injuries.”

– Kevin J., Mountain biker, Bike Shop Manager

“I came to see Lindsay Trimble before surgery on a trigger finger thumb.  The operation was inevitable but the work Lindsay did prepared connective tissue for the operation and, I believe, for post operative healing.  The surgeon said I did not have to do physio after the surgery, just said to use it, but as we all know, scar tissue can interfere with getting things back to normal as well as cause additional problems.  Lindsay listened both before and after the surgery, regarding my concerns and limitations.  She has a wonderfully helpful, caring and professional manner about her.  I felt like I was really being listened to and that she was taking that information and applying it to the frequency, intensity and type of treatment she recommended.

It was clear from the beginning that she had the goal of my being back to normal in range, flexibility and strength.  She is extremely well educated and I trusted her knowledge, skills and abilities from day one.  And I was right.  That’s why I stayed with her when I had to have another trigger finger done on my left ring finger.  I am as good as new for both work, recreation, hobbies and fitness pursuits.  My hands are my work.  Thank you, Lindsay.”

Mary Jane P., Administrative Assistant, Aqua-fit instructor

“Lindsay O’Connor is a wonderful therapist! She was considerate and listened to all my concerns!”

Luvia P

Sunny Ma

“The physiotherapist Sunny has been in contact with ICBC on two occasions to request further sessions to get me mobile.  I believe the physiotherapy sessions have played a HUGE part in my recovery. My injuries were from a MVA, and I have been getting stronger from the rehabilitation of my injuries as time goes on.”

Dianne M.

“From previous physiotherapy experiences at other clinics I didn’t like  physio or they didn’t make it work for me. When I was recommended to visit North Burnaby Physiotherapy and Wellness for my back and shoulder injuries due to an MVA, I found Sunny Ma very very knowledgeable, friendly and trusted her with my ongoing therapy/rehabilitation and educating me how to maintain it in the future. I would recommend Sunny and any of the other therapists to all my friends and relatives if required !!!!!!”

Dino B

Carl Cachia

“I underwent physical therapy for contractures six weeks after sustaining multiple fractures and dislocations of my left wrist, forearm and elbow that required emergency surgical correction. I found the physiotherapist Carl to be very professional, knowledgeable and competent. His corrective inputs during physio sessions and advice for daily practice at home dramatically transformed my limb within 4 weeks. Now, I have achieved nearly full range of movements at all affected joints, have no pain and ever improving muscle strength. Overall the quality of service I received Carl was excellent and I warmly recommend them. Thank you Carl!”


“I first saw Carl during the second week following my hip replacement operation. My leg was sore, bruised and heavily swollen. I had two appointments a week for three weeks, followed by one appointment for the next four weeks. During this time Carl worked on my leg and gave me exercises to do at home. Within two months of my operation I was walking normally without aids and no limp.

I have two friends who both had the same operation this year and after six months still have problems walking without aids and climbing stairs.

The personal interest and care provided by Carl has given me a speedy and complete recovery for which I shall always be very grateful.”


“Physiotherapy was recommended by my G.P. I have been receiving treatment for lower back and leg pain, which was immediately diagnosed by Carl, and confirmed with MRI Scans,(Spinal injury). For the passed four months or so, Carl has reassured me of my condition, with clear explanation/ demonstration on certain exercises, my back pain has improved immensely. Carl has always been polite and professional throughout. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you Carl.”


“I am a 52 year old film director and a number of months ago, I began experiencing pain in my right thigh which has grown to become severe and debilitating pain in both my legs from my hips to my knees, accompanied with pain in my lower back.

I’ve seen a number of doctors starting with my GP and have had various tests including an MRI.

The MSK clinic at the hospital diagnosed “swelling” in my lower back, told me that there was nothing they could do and that I just simply had “to adapt”. They offered me no treatment, no suggestions as to how to better my condition and when I pushed for further advice, they simply discharged me saying “we can only really help perhaps 30% of the patients we see”.

With each doctor and health professional I have seen, I stress that I am not seeking a “magic bullet”, that I am very aware that spinal issues can be complex and slow to heal but that unless I’m given some valid and practical advice or guidance as to what I can do, as a patient, to better help my healing, I’m unlikely to get any better. I repeated to all and sundry that I am extremely motivated to do whatever I have to do in a gym but that I lack any kind of specialist knowledge and so am completely in the dark. Regrettably, this has fallen on deaf ears.

I’ve seen Carl Cachia in the past regarding a different condition and found his treatment to be swift and deeply effective. And so I presented myself to Carl yesterday in a somewhat desperate state.

After a detailed examination Carl confirmed that yes I do have swelling in my lower back but that I also have two other issues as well and that the three issues are compounding my problem, thereby crippling me in the process. However, to my great relief, he then went on to map out a proactive course of treatment that the two of us can do, together in session and on my own as a pro-active patient in the months to come.

Carl is the only health professional I have yet seen who has offered me hope, a way towards healing and the advice and expertise that I so desperately seek. Health problems can be deeply distressing and good health really does start with the attitude and behaviour of the patient. To a highly motivated and self-aware patient such as myself, hearing the words of such calm and positive advice, along with a realistic timeframe to my returning to a pain-free existence, is EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for recruiting Carl to your team. Please be aware that he is an absolutely fantastic ambassador to your business and a gifted health professional.”


“I came for physiotherapy treatment for pain in the lower back – not an unusual condition. However, pain is a very personal affair, and I came to the point, when all possible known remedies had been tried, all friends and relatives had shared all possible knowledge on the account and, of course, – internet! Sadly, none of this worked. So, I made an appointment i with Carl Cachia after thorough research of many different similar practices in the area. Carl proved to be a highly professional specialist. He immediately understood the problem, chose the right type of treatment – combination of spinal-manipulations with acupuncture, reflexology, exercises,- not overwhelming, but step by step. And it worked!
I’d like to express my gratitude to Carl, who understands not just how the body works, but uses all accumulated knowledge of traditional, western and eastern medicine, his expertise – to treat his patients. He is also a bright, warm person. And everybody in the practice is very friendly, helpful, which is definitely a first step of ones road to good health.”


Agnes Ku

“I have been attending North Burnaby Physiotherapy and Wellness for injuries related to a car accident and I would highly recommend Agnes Ku as a practitioner. Her expertise enabled her to quickly develop and implement a treatment plan to set me on the path to recovery. She incorporates various strategies, including IMS and at home exercises, and takes the time to explain what technique she is using and why, checking in often, to ensure I am comfortable with the treatment before proceeding. I have become much more self-aware of my movements and posture thanks to her layman’s explanation of my musculoskeletal system. Under Agnes’ care, I always felt welcomed, respected, and well cared-for, from my first visit to my last. An online appointment booking tool, friendly and professional office staff plus ample street parking are additional bonuses that make for a great experience.”

Rosa C

“I love, love, LOVE Agnes Ku at North Burnaby Physio!! When I first went to see her about 6 months ago, I could not move my shoulder and arm, I was in severe pain and in great danger of it freezing. She was clear, straightforward and knowledgeable about what I needed to do to get better. She took to the time to explain everything to me and what was happening. Agnes believes that ‘no pain’ is how you gain which I am very grateful for and I am absolutely amazed at the results. For the first time in YEARS I have almost full mobility of my arm and shoulder. I have a bit further to go, but with Agnes I know I will get there!  I highly recommend Agnes and North Burnaby Physio to everyone!!”

Pam J

Nellie Yee

“Following my surgery, I developed scar tissues and had problems lifting my shoulder and arm.  I’m pleased to say that Nellie Yee has done a wonderful job in  helping me  fully recover.  She is very knowledgeable in her field and her hands-on  treatment  to break down the scar tissues was particularly effective.  She is very personable  and patiently explained  in detail the purpose of the exercises she suggested.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs treatment.  Thank you Nellie.”

-L. Chow

Man Keen

“I was involved in a car accident in August of 2015. Prior to the accident, I had always been skeptical of people who complained months and years after about on-going injuries, pain etc. I found out very quickly that it’s not something to be taken lightly. My doctor gave me a referral to see a physiotherapist of my choosing. I had one session at another clinic but it just wasn’t a good fit. After some more searching I found North Burnaby Physiotherapy and Wellness, they had several positive reviews so I decided to check them out and I’ve been working with Man Keen ever since. He has greatly helped my quality of life and I can’t imagine recovery without him.

The cliché is everyone will tell you their physiotherapist is “THE BEST” and you must go see them. I can confidently say that Man Keen is ONE of the best out there and if you’re looking for a Physiotherapist give him a call. ”

– Jas

“Every member of staff was friendly. Man Keen, my physio, was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and took pride in his job. I have waited almost a year since our last session and my knees remain pain free. I still do the exercises that he set for me, although not every day like I used to while he was treating me. You will be in safe hands and feel cared for.”

G. Williams

Jason Wong

“I’ve tried three physiotherapists but I make a trip to see Jason Wong at North Burnaby now. He is smart, genuine, friendly, and knows his stuff. I made so much progress with my shoulder problem under his care. Highly recommended!”

K. Chow

“I came to North Burnaby Physiotherapy Therapy Clinic to be treated for a mild concussion and whiplash. My physiotherapist was Jason Wong and I found him to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. After every session, I felt much improved and I think my recovery was a lot quicker thanks to him and I would be confident in recommending him to anyone.”

Thank You,

–Paddi M.

“Once again, North Burnaby Physio exceeded my expectations! Jason was thorough, clear and very effective. The hands on approach makes a big difference and gives the tools to continue at home and stay healed! Thanks for the great service Jason!”

-Joanne L.