WorkSafe BC Physiotherapy Network

WorkSafe BC Physiotherapy Network

We are pleased to announce we have joined the WorkSafe BC Physiotherapy Network (WCB). Our clinic is located on the border of Burnaby and Vancouver servicing injured workers in the city of Burnaby and surrounding areas. Injured workers who have accepted claims can come to the clinic for treatment and will not be charged any extra user fees. An accepted claim is required for us to bill WCB directly for your treatments, but if your claim is pending, your first session of physiotherapy is still covered. If the status of your claim is still pending before your second appointment, you can either wait until your claim is accepted before coming for more treatments, or you can pay upfront for your treatments and we will reimburse you when your claim becomes accepted. If your claim is not accepted we cannot reimburse you for the treatment fees, but you can claim your treatments through your extended health benefits.

There are multiple treatment streams depending on your injury. If you have an injury under the stream 1 Standard Treatment category, you will receive a maximum of 22 sessions over an 8 week period. You have direct access to physiotherapy and a doctor’s referral is not required for treatment. If you do not fall under the Standard treatment category you may be in the stream 2 (Exceptions to Standard treatment) category. This treatment stream requires a physician’s referral and the number of sessions covered is dependent on the nature of the injury.

The physiotherapist will provide you with a treatment plan which will consist of a combination of various treatment approaches including: manual therapy, exercise therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, movement pattern retraining, athletic taping, active rehabilitation and return to work planning. If you are off work during your treatments, we will liaise with your WorkSafe BC case manager or nurse advisor to help determine the most appropriate return to work program for you.

Check out Worksafe BC website for more information.