Stefan Cvoric
Registered Interim Physiotherapist

Stefan graduated from UBC with a Masters in Physical Therapy and Bachelors in Kinesiology. His approach to physio extends beyond his education, drawing on his history of personal injury and experience as a Varsity Rower. Stefan understands first hand the importance of injury prevention and rehabilitation.

His treatment approach combines a thorough assessment with an individualized combination of manual therapy, patient education, and exercise prescription to empower clients to take control of their recovery. He has a keen interest in examining the underlying factors of injuries. His goal is to increase clients’ body awareness to minimize their time in the clinic and maximize their time doing what they love without being limited by pain.

As a Vancouverite, Stefan enjoys rotating through the seasonal activities from the mountains to the court, the same active lifestyle he helps his patients experience. His current favourites include basketball, soccer, skiing, cycling, and hiking..

Languages Spoken:  English and Serbian

Post Graduate Education

Mulligan Concept Lower Quadrant, Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy Level 1, FMS level 1