Dalen Friesen
B.Sc.PE, B.H.Sc.PT
Certified Gunn IMS
Certified Titleist Performance Institute
Registered Physiotherapist

Dalen’s family is originally from Manitoba, but he lived his early years in Paraguay, South America. Returning to Canada, Dalen began his love for all sports, playing hockey, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and track & field. These experiences lead to the opportunity to attend Biola University in Southern California, and competing on the Track & Field / X-Country teams between 1990-1995. It was there that he was introduced to the field of Physical Therapy. After completing his Physiotherapy training in 2001 at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Dalen moved to the beautiful West Coast.  For the last 20 years, Dalen has been working on the North Shore and North Burnaby, enjoying the many relationships built over these years, and supporting the active citizens of this community.

Professional Training:

Dalen graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, with a
second-degree Bachelor of Health Sciences in Physical Therapy in 2001.  He
received a Bachelor of Sciences in Sports Physiology from Biola University in
1994.  As a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Dalen has
completed many courses of post-graduate training including; Canadian
Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy intermediate exams and Level IV.  A
significant component of Dalen’s practice includes IMS dry needling, for which
he received certification in 2009 from Gunn IMS (currently at UBC Faculty of
Medicine). In 2013 he co-presented on the topic with Dr. DB Quirke at the BC
College of Physicians Conference.  As an avid golfer, Dalen has completed a
number of certifications including; FitForeGolf in 2003, and then in 2013
attending two certification courses in Long Beach, California and Seattle with
the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Treatment Approach:

Over the years, Dalen’s training has evolved by adding new tools and levels of
understanding.  One key element is education, believing that improving a
person’s own understanding will enable appropriate steps to recovery and
better outcomes.  In his over 20 years of experience, Dalen has observed
that, in addition to specific injuries, many of the conditions he’s seen are
related to years of repeated postures and movement patterns. Utilizing an
understanding of anatomy and the biomechanics of movement, he has sought
to assist in retraining these patterns and postures. In addition to specific
therapeutic exercises, Dalen has found IMS dry needling to be extremely
effective in helping to reset the neuromuscular state of muscles.  This method
of assessment and treatment has particularly aided those with ongoing,
chronic conditions, which have limited work and recreational pursuits.


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